A downloadable game for Windows

Note: This game was made with Gamemaker: Studios (www.yoyogames.com)

This game will be uploaded on to Pogo Games at www.downloadgames.pogo.com anyway enjoy!

Welcome to Wish Maker!! Enter a wish, make the wish and do more! Thanks to Thomas Smith & Dean Hartgill
for making the sprite files! To buy more wishes go to www.email679.wix.com/fortexter#!wish-maker/k0t3l (Contains in-app purchases)

Home page: www.email679.wix.com/fortexter

Credits: Harry Harper (Owner) Casey Steed (Directer) Stephen Holyhead (Programming)
Thomas Smith aka TOMHAWK20, Dean Hartgill (Sprites) Fortexter and the Fortexter logo is a copyright of its softwares/apps


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